Alex Covone
Software Engineer

Located in the New York City Metropolitan Area.

Focusing on building functional, scalable software that improves quality of life. Currently building with React, TypeScript, Node.js, and AWS.

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Helping Hands - Full Stack Application

Technologies Used: JavaScript, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, EJS, Tailwind CSS, Passport.js, Twilio, Cloudinary

Helping Hands is a platform designed and developed for Simply Serving that allows contract workers to integrate work into their unique schedules and lifestyles seamlessly. Our software allows users to access job opportunities conveniently and reserve work that fits their availability.

Employees can easily track their upcoming and past events. The application presents event opportunities based on the date, hours, location, and requested staff quantity, making it simple to find work tailored to each user.


  • Reserve events and build out your calendar directly within the application.
  • Receive real-time SMS alerts via Twilio's Programmable Messaging API to stay up-to-date with newly posted events.
  • Browse events tailored to your schedule, location, and occupation.
  • Monitor upcoming events and maintain your event history in one location.

SoundScript - Full Stack Application

Technologies Used: JavaScript, Node.js, Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, Express, MongoDB, EJS, Tailwind CSS

Fueled by the desire to foster deeper connections among people, SoundScript was designed and developed for Be the Change Generation to embark on a mission of transformation.

SoundScript brings people closer together by addressing the language barrier head-on. By utilizing customized pretrained AI models, SoundScript ensures seamless and accurate real-time translation, transcribing spoken words to text.


  • Users are able to select from upwards of 15 languages for their desired translation. By leveraging Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services and utilizing customized pretrained AI models, SoundScript is able to achieve accurate, real-time translations.
  • Registered users are given the ability to save translations and visit their translation history on their profile.
  • Utilize Google OAuth for seamless user account creation and authentication by leveraging users' existing Google accounts.

Montrose Barber Studio - Static Website

Technologies Used: React, JavaScript, Node.js, Sass

Montrose Barber Studio is a tailored website that provides a comprehensive online presence for Montrose Barber Studio's business, offering easy access to important business details such as operating hours, barber portfolios, and availability.


  • View operating business hours and barber availability
  • Access first-hand ratings and reviews on both the business and individual barber preferences
  • View portfolios of each barber to gain insight into their styles and expertise, helping you make an informed decision when selecting a barber.