Montrose Barber Studio

Personalized website for a local barbershop in need of an online presence

How It's Made

Technologies Used: React, Node.js, JavaScript, HTML, SCSS

This static website is built with the intention to be able to convey key business information for Montrose Barber Studio to better garner customer traffic.

Code is structured using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) software architecture paradigm. Utilize a routes file in a router folder to be able to redirect requests to the appropriate layout and React components. Each component serves as another section of business information (e.g. About Us, Services, business hours, staff, etc). Views folder is organized to allow React serve as a templating engine. Throughout the site, utilize JavaScript delay animation, scroll feature, and incorporate associated social media sites.

User Research

Nearly 80% of people research a company online prior to visiting in-person. Without having an accessible site, small businesses are missing potential clients. Furthermore, 75% of individuals will base the company's credibility based on their website.

Desired Solution

Create an operating website for Montrose Barber Studio that places an emphasis on accessibility and responsiveness. Details should include offered services, pricing, business hours, and contact methods. Client requested an elegant and simplistic interface.

At a Glance

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