2022 New York Yankees Statistics

An all-in-one resource to retrieve notable statistics for the 2022 New York Yankees.


How can I provide an all-in-one location to retrieve valued statistics that showcase effectiveness for players on the 2022 New York Yankees?

User Research

The sheer quantity of statistics utilized in the sport of baseball is numerous. In recent years, the sport itself has had its analytical and advanced metrics emerge in popularity. Organizations' front offices employ data scientists and data analysts based on their ability to analyze and predict which players can contribute to a championship-caliber team.

By creating a resource in which fans, employees, and players can access advanced statistics and be made readily available, these advanced metrics can become more approachable and create more trasnparency.

Desired Solution

User will be able to enter a New York Yankees' player and retrieve their 2022 statistics indicating how impactful their contributions had been on the season.

How It's Made

Technologies Used: Node.js, Express, MongoDB, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Player information is derived by an asynchronous fetch request from the user's input. The server-side constructed API handles the user's requests and retrieves appropriate data from the respective MongoDB collection. Player information is then pushed to a corresponding array and sent back as a JSON response. The client-side JavaScript utilizes the JSON response and responds with the player statistics the user had requested, displaying it to the DOM.

At a Glance

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